We do it ALL!

Any and all automotive paint and dent repairs including collision and insurance claims. We specialize in custom paint and airbrushing for vehicles of all kinds, motorcycles, boats, trucks, RVs, and snowboards. We take in insurance Collision Repairs. We do it ALL! Custom Paint & Body Work - Insurance Work - Alarms - Low Jack and much more!

List of Services

Body Work

Bumper Repair

Small Dings and Scratches

Piercing and Holes

Touchups and Cleanups

Custom Fabrication

Part Replacement


Alarm Installation

Low Jack Installation

Custom Sound Systems

Other Services


Scratch Repair

Color Matching

Touch Ups

General Paint Job

Custom Paint Job

Specialized Gloss

Water Resistant Trim

Other Services (And Passion Projects)

RV Detailing

Boat Refinishing

ATV Customization

Motorcycle Visibile Restoration

Semi-Truck and Truck Body Fabrication

Snowmobile Body Work

Snowboard Detailing and Finishing

Inquire about other Passion Projects you may have